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Innovative Medical Technology in Spring, Texas

Relieve stress and pain with innovative medical technology from GREATER CONCEPTS BY DESIGN in Spring, Texas. We sell a variety of devices great for use by individuals and doctor’s offices alike.
Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Ear & Forehead Thermometer

The DX 6635 offers precise body temperature measurement and audio output of readings. When in standby mode, the digital display shows the time, room temperature, date, month, and year. The thermometer also stores previous temperature measurements for later reference and includes integrated blue back lighting for nighttime usage . Click here to view the user manual for this device.

Digital Thermometer

The FTM394 Digital Thermometer is clinically accurate to deliver precise measurements in Fahrenheit or Celcius. It has a buil-in Fever Alert feature as well as memory recall of last reading and comes with a convenient storage case. Click here to view the user manual for this device.

Knee-Cooling Pneumatic BandageKnee-Cooling Pneumatic Bandage

The 08H 258 is a simple bandage equipped with cold therapy and stabilization by compression to treat a variety of knee injuries. It is easy to use with a universal size, adjustable Velcro fastener, and hand pump and valve pressure adjustment. The pneumatic bandage is largely used to alleviate general pain and swelling, but helps treat a variety of conditions, such as contusions, strains, crash injuries, sprains, sports injuries, swelling, and inflammation. Instructions are included.

Nerve Stimulation

The TENS 260 and ETG 255  offer nerve and muscle stimulation using a light current and are largely used by doctors or ther. These devices vary Nerve Stimulationimpulse width and frequency for many different levels of care and come pre-programmed with 13 applications, five adjustable program applications, three programs for nerve stimulation, and two channels with adjustable intensity. Each channel has its own illuminated apiststo alleviate painLED display with a blue background for use any time of the day.
For more details on the TENS 260 unit, click here

This device is great for nerve and muscle therapy for almost any injury as both the duration and intensity of the therapy are adjustable. Frequency ranges from one to 100 hertz, and programs include beginner, advanced, and professional modes. This application also comes with a timer function.